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How a session works

If this is your first custom photography experience or just your first time planning a session with Kami Brady Photography, located in NW Pearland (20 minutes SE of Greater Houston), here’s a basic outline of how we get started and the answers to common questions you may have:

Tip: For the richest site experience in full screen with even more content and beautiful image samples, visit www.kamibrady.com from your laptop or desktop.

1. Choose your session type. Visit the portfolio galleries (linked above on desktop and down below this page on your mobile device) and choose your session type. Each gallery will give you a good idea of my style for that particular session type and what the experience is like. If you’re evaluating photographers for your newborn session or aren’t sure what exactly is custom photography, visit these helpful resources to find out more:

2. Consider what you ultimately want from your session. Visit the Product Gallery  and think about how you plan to share and display your images. This is helpful for me to know as we discuss your session vision and also as I shoot and edit your session. For instance, I approach a session differently if I know we’ll ultimately create a storyteller album showcasing what your five-year-old is “into” at this age than I would if we were styling a session to create a large wall display above your couch or fireplace to complement the decor in your home.

3. Visit the Investment page to see Creative Retainer Fees. Each session has its own Creative Retainer Fee which covers a small portion of my time and talent, then approximately two weeks after your session, you’ll purchase either a collection or a la carte prints.

4. Call Kami at 832-280-7860 or email kami@kamibrady.com to schedule your session and talk about your vision. My session calendar books about 2-4 months in advance, so it’s never too soon to get your session scheduled, especially during the highly-desirable spring and fall seasons. Newborns book during the second and third trimesters to ensure a spot on the newborn session calendar 7-10 days after birth. Because we often don’t know exactly when baby will arrive, your session spot is a “general” hold on my calendar until you notify me you’re in the hospital and baby has been born.

5. Start planning what to wear and prepping for your session. Once your session is officially scheduled, I will guide you with tips and resources for choosing outfits, whether you’re dressing a toddler or an entire family. This doesn’t have to stressful, I promise! And I have a very easy way to get started. If your session is a newborn session, I’ll provide you with a separate Newborn Session Preparation guide so you know exactly what to expect when the time comes. Based on our session vision, I will select our session location (if not a newborn studio session).

6. Have fun! Sessions are typically about an hour in length (with the exception of high school seniors and newborns which are longer) and my goal is to shoot efficiently while capturing your child or family’s unique personality.

7. Check email every five seconds for your gallery. (Just kidding!) Seriously, though: Within two weeks of your session, a private gallery will be ready for you to browse and order from, either in-person at a personalized ordering appointment here at my studio or online.

8. Oooh and aaaah over your beautiful images! Within about 2-3 weeks of order payment, you’ll have your goodies in hand and ready to display and share.