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Introducing The Tween Collective by Kami Brady Photography

I’m so excited and proud to introduce The Tween Collective: Modern Signature Sessions for Tweens & Teens!

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you know that I’ve been photographing the whole family lifecycle from maternity to newborn, toddler to big kid, high school seniors and a host of milestones in between for more than a decade. Tweens and Teens have always been a part of those sessions, but now, with The Tween Collective, I’ve created a one-of-a-kind experience tailored around promoting confidence, positive self-esteem and the individuality that comes along with being in those years from 10-16: No longer babies, but not yet young adults.

As parents, we photograph them incessantly through those first five years of life (we’ve all done it!) and then the professional photos are often relegated to the yearly or twice-yearly school picture. And then we begin planning professional photos again in preparation for senior year of high school.

Which is all great. But ….

… there’s this amazing set of years in between those big markers that often gets overlooked. And it couldn’t be a MORE important time to celebrate these beautiful, incredible, unique children than the Tween and early Teen years. That’s often when insecurities arise and confidence wanes. On the flip side, it’s also when growth spurts are huge, attitudes and interests are forming and we get that first real look into the young people they’re becoming.

It’s also the time when, as parents, we start to view our kids as great companions, capable of thoughtful conversation about big topics, developing ideas about themselves and the world around them. This is where their own signature sense of style starts to come into play, too. Long hair, short hair, combed hair, messy hair, favorite jeans, statement t’s, mixed-matched tights and skirts, well-worn sneakers, boots, hoodies …

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In late August, I’ll be launching an off-shoot website dedicated to The Tween Collective. In the meantime, I’ve got a GREAT promotion to launch this new offshoot of the Kami Brady Photography brand.

Inquire today and get $75 off your Creative Retainer fee (spots are limited and so is this offer, so hurry!) To book or get more information, call/text 832.280.7860 or email me at kami@kamibrady.com 
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