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In talking with prospective newborn clients over the years – especially first-time parents – I often wish I had a way to transport them into the future so they can feel those intangible things that you don’t yet know until they’re right in front of you. Like how truly tiny your baby will be compared to anything else you’ve ever held, but the hold they have on your heart will be greater than any other you’ve ever felt.

Like how very quickly they change each day during those first two weeks and leaps and bounds in the first year. That the art of newborn photography isn’t something just anyone can master; like any specialized career, it takes a great amount of learned skill, patience and vision. It’s so much more than laying a baby on a blanket and snapping a picture. That it really is an investment in your family’s history … art for your own walls … and memories captured that will someday be even more priceless than right now. That just like wedding photography, you can’t go back and do it all over again if the photographer you choose doesn’t live up to your expectations.

With all of that in mind, I created a post-newborn session questionnaire and will be sharing client feedback here – along with session images – in hopes of shedding a little more light on what the newborn session experience is really like. We have plans to share video clips and more behind-the-scenes action, too. Photographing newborns is hands down the most challenging type of session I offer. Sessions last an average of 3 hours and feature a variety of artful poses, textures and beautiful colors all designed to showcase the tiniest of features and the wonder that is a new baby.

This sweet boy visited my studio recently and below is what his mom had to say about her session and new motherhood:



You recently experienced a boutique newborn session with Kami Brady. How would you describe the session experience to someone who may not know what to expect or is considering scheduling their own session? 
The session was a wonderful experience! Kami did a great job with my little man. He was so content in her perfectly set up studio. This allowed this momma to just sit back and relax for a little bit. We had a great time!

Tell others a little bit about the vision for your session. What kinds of shots, colors, creativity did Kami incorporate?
I wanted a vintage look and her props were perfect for that look. We also did classic Winnie the Pooh for our nursery and Kami was so easy to work with in capturing this theme as well.

How old was your newborn when the session took place? 
9 days

Was this your first experience doing a custom newborn photography session?

When you were searching for a newborn photographer, what was your criteria as you evaluated photographers?
Their website. I wanted to find someone who captured moments. Kami’s website had images that were exactly the type of photos I wanted for our little man.

Thinking about your expectations for the actual session (studio, skill, creativity) complete this sentence. My newborn photography session:
Exceeded my expectations

Did you have any concerns or worries going into the session? If so, what were they?

Would you recommend Kami to someone looking to hire a newborn photographer?

What’s been the biggest surprise about having a newborn?
How chill he is and that makes for a very happy momma 🙂

What’s the one piece of advice people gave you before you had your baby that has been the most valuable?
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!!!

What has been the most challenging aspect of having a newborn? What do you wish you had known or people had told you?
I don’t really have an answer for this one…it’s been an amazing experience taking one day at a time. Soaking in each moment, even the 3 am feeding because he will grow up too soon and I don’t want to miss the moments!
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She’s three days overdue with baby #3 today (I’m guessing this may be their boy). I had a complete vision for this session, including making the long tulle skirt. I’ll be sharing more from this beautiful mama’s session, but am off to finish prepping the studio for another sweet baby girl this morning. So send some good labor vibes her way if you’re reading this (leave some blog love if you’re so inclined, too!). Happy Hump Day, everyone!

vintage maternity photography Sue Bryce stylepintopinterest

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Surfing through my Facebook feed today, it hit me that more than a third of the posts I was seeing all had something to do with anticipation …

… anticipating the end of this government shutdown …. anticipating the premiere of yet another great crop of fall T.V. shows … anticipating this weekend’s high school football games …

… anticipating school picture day tomorrow and a phone call back from a recent job interview.

So it’s only fitting that these two recent sessions take their rightful place here on the blog.

Despite all of life’s anticipations, I can think of few things better than wondering what it will be like feeling those first little kicks, giving birth and trying to imagine who this little person is going to look like. Anticipating being someone’s role model, hero, disciplinarian, teacher and caregiver.

Luckily, this career – this art – affords me so many wonderful opportunities to capture that anticipation. It really does go by in a blink.


This first session is what I call a “pre-maternity” or “expecting session.” I’ve done several of these over the years so that expecting parents can share their pregnancy news in a creative way, like the custom-designed press-printed cards below.  I’ve become obsessed with beautiful sun-lit, backlit sessions, especially for maternity. That gorgeous light just adds to the very real glow these mamas project. If you’re reading this and thinking about your own maternity or newborn session, I am now booking for mid-November and onward into 2014. My newborn session calendar fills up about 3 months in advance and all newborn sessions are scheduled while mom is still pregnant. So call or email today for details.

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-announcement cardpintopinterest






maternity-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady_dogs announcing pregnancypintopinterest




When I photographed both of these sessions, the words “golden girl” kept playing in my head. I don’t think either mama or our surroundings could have been any more lovely.  I can’t wait to meet their little ones!

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady47pintopinterest

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady35pintopinterest

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady42pintopinterest

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady27pintopinterest

maternity portraits in Kansas-City-Kami-Brady06pintopinterest




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I really wish she’d tell me how she really feels! (This was one of the first shots of our session and had me laughing).



I tell my newborn photography clients all the time that if baby is awake and not fussing, then I am still shooting. Some of the BEST newborn images involve that wonderful eye contact … and a few stuck-out tongues. But sweet Arwen was no match for the white noise, warmth and soothing, and soon she was snoozing away while we wrapped and posed and snapped away. Newborn sessions are an average of 3 hours in length and the final gallery of images to order from includes a variety of colors, textures, details, poses and (optional) shots with mom and dad. Sessions are scheduled during the second or third trimester as my calendar fills about 3 months in advance. Once scheduled, we photograph the newborn babies about 7-10 days after birth to capture those only-newborn details that pass way too quickly.




The two images below were created to match the color scheme and identical pattern of their nursery, incorporating the crib coverlet from her bedding:



Some images just beckon a rich black and white:



Yes, that is a smile with mom. After an entire session of poses on blankets and chairs and baskets, she knew exactly who was holding her.





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  • Kami Brady

    Yes, red hair! She’s going to be beautiful!

  • Kristen Fink

    Every shot gorgeous and amazing, Kami! Is that a bit of red hair there? Love those red heads!

Happy Monday! I’m catching up on some blog posts and pausing every so often to mourn the fact that Intern Katie left Friday to go back to school. I know she’s having a blast this week, but the studio is a LOT quieter without her awesome help and camaraderie. She was such a huge help to me this busy summer season. Last week, we worked it at the fall Rhea Lana’s of Overland Park children’s consignment show – their biggest yet. Katelyn and Melissa – along with their families and a huge team of volunteers – always, always deliver THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST upscale children’s consignment sale in Kansas City. Hands down.

One of my favorite things each show is just walking around and meeting all of the expectant moms on New Moms pre-sale night. There’s nothing quite like a huge trade center full of pregnant bellies, excited grandmas, experienced best friends and expectant parents all chattering about the same first-time things: Strollers, diapers, carseats, clothing sizes, cribs, maternity wear and toys.



Katie has joined me on so many beautiful, sunlit, nature-and-color-inspired sessions this summer. The following are some of my favorites from one of those very sessions. I’ve been photographing this family since these gorgeous twin girls were just six-months-old and it’s truly been my honor to watch their family grow. They recently welcomed a new baby sister as well, but mom wanted to capture the girls and their family as a foursome before the new addition.


family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres001pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres002pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres003pintopinterest maternity-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres006pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres007pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres005pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres004pintopinterest maternity-photographers-in-Olathe-Kansas-Kami-Brady-Bres008pintopinterest


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