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Want to see me stand on this rock on one leg?

Of course! I replied. Just don’t fall.

How about a picture with my  hat? 

Absolutely – let’s put your hat on! I said.

child-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Bahr-003pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Bahr-004pintopinterest

You are so handsome, I playfully fawned.

I know. He said. I’m the fastest in my class.

You’re very modest, too. I laughed.

Hey, look at these pinecones and nuts! Can I take these home and put them in my room?

That sounds like a good plan, can you show me your hands first? I carefully framed a close up.



 Do you have a “serious” face?

You mean like this? He asked.


Yes. Exactly like that. 

 I can’t be serious for very long. He pondered and then broke out into laughter.



Well that’s probably a good thing. After all, you’re six. And a boy. Life shouldn’t be too serious just yet. 


 Are we done? 

Yep. I replied. Did you have fun?


(My kind of boy. My kind of session.)






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The Founder and Designer of Matilda Jane Clothing describes their lines as “sophisticated, colorful, and a wee bit cheeky.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Whether it’s the holiday season, a professional photography session or just every day occasions, there are so many fun, whimsical choices. I always, always encourage clients to choose a mix of colors and textures any day. And these outfits are just one beautiful example of why that works so well.

Shown below is the latest release in their popular Paint by Numbers Collection, Encore. Bella is wearing the Turtledove Knot Top over a Stippling Tee and Gallery Leggings. We styled this outfit up with a necklace (made by Happy Little Lovelies) and several custom hair clips I commissioned last year (made by Brydferth) – they matched perfectly! To which I say a resounding, “Encore!”  This outfit will be perfect for our annual Christmas trip to Kansas City’s Union Station to visit The Holiday Spirit Train and Santa himself. Seriously one of our favorite holiday activities each year. If you haven’t gone, make plans to do so!

Happy Monday!


child-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-001pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-005pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-004pintopinterest Matilda-Jane-photographers-Kansas-Citypintopinterest Matilda-Jane-photographers-Kansas-City2pintopinterest



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  • Morgan

    way to cute – just darling!

  • I see the tough and tumble side. This picture is adorable! My personal fav is still those overalls she wears. I LOVE them!!

  • Thank you, Jamie! So different from how you see her everyday, huh! 🙂

  • Oh Kami these are absolutely perfect!!!!

I logged into Facebook this morning after dropping my child off to school, having breakfast and settling in for another day of placing orders and desk work to find the following quote:

“Enjoy the little things because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

It was especially timely as I realized through the very nature of running a small business and a household, I’m always rushing, rushing, rushing. Some of the rushing can’t be avoided (we hit every red light on the way to karate last night), but there are many times we, as parents, just need a good reminder to slow down for even a minute. Snuggle after the bedtime books just a little. Wake them up in the morning with a good tickle fight and laughter instead of the barked orders I find myself doling out all too often.

Given that “little things” were on my mind today, it only seems fitting that I share some favorites from this beautiful girl’s six-month photography session.

Her mom came upon a vintage book simply titled “So Small.” And I had just unpacked a new studio backdrop featuring vintage paper book cutouts. It all just came together in the best possible way.

From the perfect little toes to the thick, long eyelashes and everything in between, I’m pretty sure these small things are many of the biggest things in their hearts.

baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-01pintopinterest REDO2013-12-06_0021pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-03pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-05pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-04pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-02pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-08pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Leawood-KS-KamiBrady-06pintopinterest


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  • I’m looking for a photographer to be in my referral group.. are you currently in one or looking to be? if so, could you meet today w/us at 11-1 Granite City Food & Brewery – Olathe ? Or send someone in your place to represent your business? Please let me know either way 🙂

Cold weather has hit us today in full force, so this post reminds me of those late, warm summer days. I’ve become obsessed with bright, sunny pictures and backlighting. It’s something that I think newer photographers often fear (I did) because the lighting can be so unpredictable and getting your settings right in camera to properly expose for your subjects’ faces is more important than ever. I do still prefer early morning light or that pre-sunset golden hour vs. high noon which can cause ugly shadows under the eye sockets.

This  session is an example of what can happen when you have perfect morning light, a gorgeous series of ambient backdrops (like the yellow field of flowers and those amazing red Chinese lanterns) and a beautiful girl – inside and out – as the centerpiece. Her outfits came together perfectly with a broad mix of colors, styles and textures which helps me create a more varied and visually appealing gallery of final images.

Her personality comes shining through in these images, and I can only imagine the places she will go! Thank you, Janet and Mackenzie for choosing me to capture this big milestone; it was every bit my pleasure.

Enjoy a few of my favorites below:









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When this blog post goes live, I’ll actually be photographing another sweet girl who made her fashionably late entrance to the world this past Thursday. I’ve found – for me at least – that sweet spot for newborn sleepiness, squishiness and generally good session mojo is in the first 7-10 days after birth. And while it may seem daunting to head out of the house to a photography studio days after coming home from the hospital, we do everything possible to make it a relaxing, calm experience for mom and dad, too … even grandmas and grandpas. The studio is warm, we’ve got white noise playing, we feed you. (Remember those first meals home after giving birth? Heavenly!) We do everything except breastfeed. 🙂

And even though I’ve been glued to this editing chair for the past two weeks when I’m not shooting or running out with my family for a bit, I’m long overdue on blogging some of the summer newborns. Enjoy a few of my favorites from each session. People ask me all the time if they start looking alike after awhile … to which I say a resounding, “not a chance.” Each and every little body is unique in big and small ways. Sometimes it’s the head of dark hair, sometimes the very long fingers and toes. Other times, it’s the thick eyelashes and round face. And, I’ve found through years of experience that even at 7 days old, they each have a distinct personality and specific preferences. It’s pretty amazing to watch and just one of the reasons I love this job.

Happy Thursday – enjoy the cuteness below!

First up, Eloise and those beautiful rosebud lips:



If you follow my blog posts, then you know I love to incorporate nursery items into signature images for baby’s room. Below is a pillow from her bedding – the gray chevron matches the chevron print in her room as well.



I love negative space in imagery:


Whenever possible, if grandparents attend a session, you can bet I’m trying to coax them into a generational shot or two. How beautiful are these three?



Next up is Teddy – a perfect name for this sweet little bear of a boy. When I ordered this knitted set with the red hearts, I had this exact shot in mind. Love his cute rolls:






Stay tuned tomorrow for more newborn favorites!

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When I help clients prepare for their sessions, what to wear is always one of the first priorities. While I know every photographer has their own approach to this, I definitely consider the session outfits to be like very fine icing on a perfect cake. I encourage lots of colors, textures and patterns, especially for my Signature Child and Signature Family photography sessions.

And one of the clothing lines for little girls that is always at the top of my list is Matilda Jane. Their website is like a clothing candy store full of beautiful, unique designs full of color and whimsy. Perfect for any session and any color scheme.

Their Fall 2013 collections are no exception. I was super excited to get my own little model into this outfit from the Matilda Jane “Paint by Numbers” collection. When it arrived, I swear I squealed out loud. From the packaging to the custom garment tags to the actual craftsmanship, it’s obvious the busy bees behind Matilda Jane have left no stone unturned.

We saw the musical “Wicked” just a few nights back and this outfit was simply perfect. On top is the Plum Kitten Cardigan over the Atmosphere Dress with its sweet yellow buttons and drop-waist. Underneath, the Arrow Wood Bennys are super cute with their flared, ruffled bottoms. They can all be found in the Paint by Numbers collection here.

Below are a few snaps before we headed out the door for a night on the town. Enjoy!




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  • Kami Brady

    Yes, it is! Thanks, Bonnie! She is a handful, but I think we’ll keep her!

  • Babs

    This has to be Miss Bella. She is adorable! Love her genuine smile!