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I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest son was just six months old and it’s been an honor to watch them grow. Getting to know each child’s personality and tailoring sessions that match are just a few of the perks of being invited into a client’s life time and again. Knowing that they trust my vision with these once-in-a-lifetime milestones is simply priceless. I literally broke into tears when I received this image taken by my client of their memory wall featuring custom-framed images from our earliest sessions to now:


Last week, you saw some of my favorites from their Signature Family Session last fall. Today, are some of my favorites from our most recent baby and child sessions over the past six months – a representation of a variety of different session types, from newborn to six month studio to three years. I’ve featured their big boy on my marketing materials for several years now and it’s fun to see how much he and little brother look alike at six months.

Below on the left is baby brother and on the right from three years ago is big brother at the same stage … they could easily be twins!

six month photography session boy ideas Kami Brady Photographypintopinterest

I love that I’m able to use any kind of light (artificial or natural) available to me for a given session depending on what the environment and session type calls for. I plan to stay the course when we move to Houston next month offering both boutique studio sessions and outdoor, on-location sessions. With Houston’s massive variety of all things urban, country, modern, vintage and everything in between, I don’t think I’ll be at a loss for locations. Fortunately, there are several awesome location scouting apps – like Shoot Local – for the iPhone so I can keep track of the things I see as I’m out driving around and find them later.

Happy Monday and enjoy two of my very favorite boys!

First up, baby brother’s newborn session and his most recent six-month session. The little wooden bed was a custom Etsy item that mom brought to his newborn session. And, I was swooning over the big nerd glasses she brought to his six-month session. The vintage lettered backdrop fit the theme perfectly.

newborn photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest newborn photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest newborn photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest newborn photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest six-month baby photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest six-month baby photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest six-month baby photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest six-month baby photographer studio session Houston Kami Bradypintopinterest

Much to our delight, we got so lucky with a milder weather day for big brother’s three-year session. I’m sure, though, that his delight had waaaay more to do with that scrumptious cupcake than the silly old weather!

child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple014pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple015pintopinterest

child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple016pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple010pintopinterest

I don’t go overboard in any given client gallery on black and white images or the hazy effect that is really popular right now, but every once in awhile, an image or set of images simply begs for a little something outside my vibrant color norm. These two below and my vintage little Brownie Hawkeye did just that:

child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple011pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple012pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-apple013pintopinterest



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  • It’s very cool! You will love it! Way better than the old method I had of random pieces of paper and then forgetting. 🙂

  • Thanks for the app recommendation! I can’t wait to play with it!

As I just photographed several six-month sessions, including the second sweet girl below, I thought it past-time to share some favorites from her newborn session! I know from following other photographer’s blogs that I’m not alone in this one. We really do love to show off our favorite images, but most of us are one-man/one-woman shows and social media is often the last item on the to-do list when creative planning, shooting, editing, ordering, marketing and bookkeeping take precedence. And, because blog posts require such a personal “voice”, I can’t imagine outsourcing this kind of task. So, my 2014 resolution has been to just start sharing the sessions in no particular order. Too many happy, smiling faces and beautiful, squishy babies to keep them in the folders of my computer.

I’ll be setting up a new studio in Pearland, TX, and scheduling newborn sessions beginning late August 2014. If you like my work and know someone due to give birth late summer or this fall in the Houston area, share this with them and they’ll receive a grand opening discount on their Signature Newborn Creative Retainer.

In that vein, enjoy some of my favorites from two of my recent dark-haired beauties. Both girls (separate families, separate sessions) were very alert and wide awake for good portions of our sessions. I don’t fret when this happens as I think some of those wide-eyed shots are often my favorites. We often just swaddle tightly to prevent too much random arm flailing into the camera and keep on shooting! And we nearly always get those sleepy shots, too – with a little work and a whole ‘lotta patience.

newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say001pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say002pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say003pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say004pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say005pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say006pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say007pintopinterest


This beautiful girl had her eyes on me for so much of our session – not wanting to miss a thing!

newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say008pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say009pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say0010pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say11pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say12pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-say13pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-sa14pintopinterest newborn-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-sa15pintopinterest



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Remember this week last year? The freak snowstorm that caught everyone off guard? As I lie awake last night listening to the hailstorm and thunder, I pondered the very unpredictable nature of our Kansas weather. On the one hand, I love that we have four actual seasons. On the other: I despise when the seasons mix themselves up or run way longer than they should. Which seems to be happening more and more frequently. So I promptly Googled “spring weather in Houston.”

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or a fan of my business on Facebook, then you may have seen my announcement a few weeks ago that we’re moving to Houston (more specifically, Pearland, TX) after school is out next month. The move is both bittersweet and exciting at the same time as we’re looking forward to a new adventure, but also going to miss our Kansas friends, family and clients. 8 years ago, I took a leap of faith and started this business. I had a very full-time corporate job, a newborn baby and enough sleep deprivation to blindly and bravely think I could “do it all.” After those first few years of stumbling my way around Photoshop, way too many late nights editing, and learning why it really is better to shoot full manual, I set into a groove and an irreplaceable client base that has allowed me to keep growing and run a truly sustainable business. Along the way, I’ve made so many new client friendships, including the fabulous Melissa and Katelyn at Rhea Lanas of Johnson County, and we’ve grown together in our respective businesses, each year surpassing what we ever dreamed was possible. There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to properly thank those two beautiful souls.

Equally important, there aren’t enough words to express how humbled and grateful and I am for the clients who have entrusted me time and again with their milestones and memories. I’ve got a full session schedule here through the end of May and, once we’re settled in Houston this summer, I plan to continue doing what I love as I ramp up my photography business there. Houston is the nation’s fourth largest metro, so I’ll have my hands full just figuring out where I’m going! I also plan to come back to Kansas City for special invitation sessions a few times a year. The dates on those will be announced once I have a better idea of my Houston schedule.

In keeping with the colder, wetter weather patterns of late – which remind me of Fall – here are some favorites from three fall family photography sessions as I attempt to catch up on blogging. Enjoy and happy Thursday!

family in a barn photography Houstonpintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1004pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1006pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1005pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1003pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1002pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1001pintopinterest family-photographers-in-houaton-kami-brady-fall1007pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1009pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1011pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1008pintopinterest family-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-fall1009pintopinterest urban family photography Houston 1pintopinterest urban family photography Houston 2pintopinterest urban family photography Houston 3pintopinterest



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While we’re still sitting here under heaps of snow, I been busily dreaming of Spring. I’m officially over the cold weather, like so many though out the nation. So, in the spirit of dreaming about spring, here’s a beautiful mama in full bloom awaiting her sweet baby next month. You may recall the fun session we did to announce their pregnancy, complete with their original furry babies. And, now, they’re about a month away from meeting the newest member of their growing family.

I shoot a variety of maternity sessions throughout the Greater Kansas City area as well as in my studio. During the colder months, we are nearly always in-studio, which affords us the opportunity to play around a bit more with low-key (darker) and high-key (brighter/whiter) lighting setups within the same session. Although my style has typically leaned toward light, bright and airy, I think I may be heading for the “dark side” more often. There’s something so dramatic and lovely about the rich, dark tones contrasted with just enough light to accentuate the curves and facial expression.

I think she’s simply stunning.

Houston maternity photographer Kami Brady Hill2pintopinterest Houston maternity photographer Kami Brady Hill3pintopinterest Houston maternity photographer Kami Brady Hill1pintopinterest


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This session is exactly why I encourage parents – especially ever self-conscious moms –  to step into images with their children. Small hands and childlike giggles may fade … eventually they’ll be too big for us to pick up and hold. But, the feelings of pure joy and awe we capture – the light that illuminates their faces when they look into ours and feel safe and loved – lives on. Can you imagine looking at the wall gallery running up your stairs or thumbing through old photo boxes years, even decades from now and being able to stop for a moment, close your eyes and go right back to that age, that moment, that day, that feeling?

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are blue. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you …

child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-Adi004pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-Adi001pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-Adi002pintopinterest child-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-Adi003pintopinterest

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I can only imagine how wonderful their holiday season has been with double the blessings in so many ways. I’m behind on blogging 100s of sessions (no lie), so I simply pick and choose random recents to share. And this is one session that left a mark on my heart. These two were absolutely perfect – and mom and dad were so relaxed for first-time parents (of TWINS no less!) As is very typical of twin births, one sibling was about a pound bigger than the other, which made my job of identifying who was who even easier during editing. Note: I do have a way of organizing the shots while shooting so I never forget who is who weeks after. During twin/multiples sessions, I always aim to capture shots of the babies together, and then shots individually. And like all of my newborn sessions, I have a session assistant on-hand for safety, snuggling, diaper changes – basically anything that will make it easy for newborn parents to just kick back and relax while we take care of the littles and the beautiful imagery.

Enjoy some of my favorites of these sweet, dark-haired, long-lashed girls:

twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-006pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-007pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-001pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-002pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-003pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-008pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-004pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-005pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-010pintopinterest twin-baby-photographers-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Mak-009pintopinterest

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