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Finalizing a client order and just had to share this one – I love it when the smiles happen at just the right moment! I am booking sessions for September and on, so if you’re pregnant and due in early fall, contact me now to get more details or to schedule your session. Sessions take place in my boutique studio in West Pearland where we have instant access to my huge treasure trove of props, wraps, fabrics and a relaxing environment. Head on over to the Newborn Portfolio Gallery for a Houston Grand Opening special offer good until the end of June 2014.

Houston-Pearland-TX-newborn photographer-Kami-Bradypintopinterest

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  • This sweet smiling girl’s mama left me the most wonderful review here on FB tonight – I am blown away by her wonderful words and so very appreciative!

    “Where do I start…. Kami was the perfect choice from the minute I first spoke to her on the phone. She is so professional and has a passion for photography. We both were counting the minutes as to whether the shoot would happen, but my daughter entered the world just in time before Kami headed to Houston! Kami took extra care with each shot and made sure our babies safety was number one. My husband and I were absolutely stunned with the wonderful images she captured of out little girl and the two of us. All new moms and families in Houston, you will not regret choosing Kami Brady Photography! Thanks Kami!!!”

  • Thank you, Christina Angelina Vela! Please do – I would love to photograph your baby. 🙂

  • If I have a baby fingers cross. So going to contact you. Your awesome.

Since 99% of the time, I coordinate photography session details – from first contact to choosing final images and products – with my client moms, I love it when we can wrangle all those dads into the images with their children. So, in celebration of dads everywhere for all the daily things you do to build your families up, brightening the faces, minds and futures of the young (and grown) people in your lives, Happy Father’s Day 2014!


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  • Kami Brady

    Thank you, Barbara! I’m really going to miss them!

  • Babs

    As always, Kami, you have captured loving pix of children with their fathers. I know your clients in KC are truly going to miss you.

I can’t believe we’re less than two weeks away from our big move to the Houston area, more specifically Pearland, Texas. Pearland is on the SE side of Houston and less than an hour from Galveston Bay, which means I will get to offer those beautiful beach sessions that us landlocked photographers often admire from afar. In terms of location scouting, Houston really does have it all. I’m excited to get out and explore – after 8 years in my beloved Kansas City (sniff, sniff) it will be wonderful to find new favorite shooting spots.

While I love beautiful, soft natural light, I do offer both natural light and studio lighting in my sessions, dependent upon the session vision, location and available light sources. Just as I’ve done the past 8 years here in KC, I will be building a new studio space in Pearland for my boutique newborn sessions, as well as select baby/toddler and maternity sessions. I’m booking session appointments now for sessions taking place in early September and onward.

Newborn sessions are booked during the second and third trimesters and take place 7-10 days after birth in my studio where we have access to a host of beautiful wraps, blankets, fabrics, headbands, hats, backdrops and props. Newborn sessions can be as colorful or as neutral as a client prefers, with a mix of both modern and vintage elements woven throughout. The focus is always on complementing baby’s tiny features and poses that are serene, natural and safe. I shoot with a full-time newborn session assistant who is on-hand to ensure there’s always a spotter for baby when I back up to take each shot. And my assistant is a world-class snuggler in between setups, allowing parents to truly sit back and relax (even nap!) during our sessions.

As I continue my massive blog catch-up, below are three of the sweetest recent newborns to visit my studio:


First up, beautiful Everly (don’t you love that name!?).

newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc010pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc013pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc011pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc012pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc014pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc016pintopinterest


Then, sweet Finley came for a visit. I just photographed his six-month session last weekend, so it’s definitely time to blog these! Check out his big grins!

newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc024pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc023pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc025pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc021pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc022pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc026pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc027pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc028pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc029pintopinterest


And tiny Owen was such a little peanut. We could have loved on him all day – such a great sleeper and super snuggly baby:

newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc005pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc004pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc001pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc002pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc003pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc006pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc007pintopinterest newborn-baby-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Misc008pintopinterest

I love when grandparents come to the sessions and always encourage a few “generations” shots for the memory books. This is one young grandma! 🙂



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  • Laura Verble Mayer: The “older” newborns are usually more alert during sessions, but it’s still entirely possible to get great images. And who doesn’t love those big eyes wide open!? 🙂 It all depends on the baby. I’ve had some older newborns that slept better than 5-day-olds – not always, but it has happened. It’s just a slightly different session flow with the older babies, but not impossible. Message me.

  • Awe I love these! Can you make my 2 month old look this cute?

  • Hard to believe, Lacey Spallitta that the expressive guy we photographed just a few days ago is the same little baby, isn’t it!? 🙂

  • Aww Finn was so little. I love all of these!

  • I love that little Owen! And, yes, I’ll bet he’s getting huge! 🙂

  • Aww, my little sweetie is on there! He’s getting big!

I’ve known this gorgeous girl since she was just legs, arms and various other bumps in her mama’s belly. For nine months, she was our entertainment as we poked and prodded to get her to move in utero. She was only the second pregnancy for my closest circle of girlfriends and the first that I had witnessed so closely. It was entirely too surreal and utterly fascinating at the same time. I couldn’t have known at the time, but sixteen years later I would be calling her to babysit my own young daughter.

I still have clear visions of her that first summer after birth in these tiny little sundresses. And the complete strangers who would stop her parents in public places to comment on how beautiful she was. I can remember her breaking free as a toddler and running across the Chili’s parking lot looking behind and laughing the entire time as we chased after her. And I have a gazillion memories of her giving us living room performances fresh out of the bath with wild hair, a t-shirt and a diaper dancing up on the bottom fireplace ledge as her stage. Her sense of humor and independence have been two of her hallmark traits since day one.

I can still see her marching in line to the front of the room for Kindergarten graduation. And who in her family could forget the infamous (and I might add alleged) “Barbie High Heel” incident? I won’t name any names, but let’s just say plastic shoes can indeed become weapons of forehead destruction when you’re five years old.

And in the course of the coming weeks, she’ll be graduating high school and moving into her college dorm for summer sports training. If I thought the idea of her little self inside her mom’s belly was surreal, then this is quite surely a close second or tie.

She’s grown into a fiercely independent, smart, kind-hearted, sarcastically funny, beautiful, athletically gifted young woman. And I can’t wait to hear the adventures of our not-so-little-anymore Taylor. Enjoy some of my favorites from her high school senior portrait session:

high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay004pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay005pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay001pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay002pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay002pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay003pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay006pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay013pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay012pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay008pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay009pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay0010pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Pearland-Texas-Kami-Brady-Tay0011pintopinterest


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Wise beyond her years, the stories her mom has shared with me of this beautiful girl are etched into my brain. So much so, that I often make her retell the best of them to other friends. Like the tales of her as mom’s little sidekick through law school, or the mental picture of her standing in front of her closet as a preschooler agonizing over just the right dress to meet a very important family member for the first time. Or seeing her sitting there small as can be in her mom’s office chair working on a PowerPoint presentation for “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day.”

As beautiful inside as she is out – that confidence and maturity comes shining through. And I know, these few stories that I have been privileged to hear recounted and recount myself, are just the tip of the iceberg in this incredible journal that will one day be her life.

As much as I was told many years ago “you need to specialize to have a successful photography career these days,” as much as I truly love the little people, I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and didn’t lock myself into shooting only newborns and small children.

If I had, I would have missed gorgeous, creative, colorful moments like these. Good luck to you Miss Maggie – although I’m 100 percent sure you won’t need it!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Maggie’s high school senior photography session and watch the blog for another “I can’t believe she’s already graduating” senior story tomorrow.

high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All001pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All002pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All003pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All005pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Pearland-TX-Kami-Brady-All002pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All006pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All007pintopinterest high-school-senior-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-All008pintopinterest

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There wasn’t a bad shot in the bunch after this adorable girl visited my studio for her six-month session. Elouise (aka “Ouisie”) continued our streak of gorgeous sessions that began with an urban maternity session and a few months later, as part of my Baby’s First Year Program, a boutique studio newborn session.

At six months, she is all smiles and big expressions now. Grabbing her feet, playing with her toes, scrunching up her nose. Combined with those cheeks (dying over those cheeks!) and huge blue eyes, it was a dream session for me. Love that Ouisie girl!

Her parents love vibrant color and if you’ve followed this blog or my site over the years, you know I do, too. That said, I envisioned something rich, traditional and slightly vintage featuring her beautiful christening gown. The gown was made from her grandmother’s wedding dress – what a great idea and a lovely heirloom for them to pass down through the generations!

Happy Monday! Enjoy some sweet six-month-old baby chub this morning:

baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie001pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie008pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie009pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie004pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie002pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie003pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie004pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie005pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie006pintopinterest baby-photographers-in-Houston-Kami-Brady-oisie007pintopinterest

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  • Those last two are absolutely gorgeous! They all are!

  • Love this, so colorful! Six months is one of my favorite ages!!

  • OMWord! What and adorable baby. You completely captured her adorable personality and beauty. Well done. 🙂

  • What a cute baby! Love the pop of colors.

  • Oh my goodness. These images are simply adorable. I love that heirloom dress she is in. So precious.

  • The bubbles that mom brought were fabulous!