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About the Kami Brady Photography Pearland Studio

Located in northwest Pearland, near Shadow Creek Ranch and just 20-30 minutes south of downtown Houston (with easy access to Hwy 288 or FM 521), my boutique studio is where I shoot all newborn sessions, some maternity sessions and Baby’s First Year sessions (if you choose studio instead of outdoors) and more formal commercial head shots for children and businesses. All other session types are outdoors or on-location so we can take advantage of the ambient natural light and huge variety of nature and urban surroundings that Houston has to offer. We love being able to offer you a choice and the flexibility of either studio or outdoors (or both!) In my portfolio section, you can see examples of the different kinds of session settings available.

The Kami Brady Photography studio offers a number of advantages for you, including:

Kami Brady Pearland TX Photography Studio newborns babies Kami Brady Pearland TX Photography Studio newborns babies



Because sometimes the vision calls for light and airy and sometimes we’re going for dark and moody 

The soft light beaming in allows me to shoot both natural light and artificial light whenever the mood or situation calls within the same session, ensuring I’m able to shape light according to the visions dancing in my head. It also means I’m not tied to rescheduling a studio session simply because it’s a cloudy day and there’s no natural window light. It’s a beautiful thing.

Houston Studio Kami Brady Photography newborn and maternity photographer



Because custom styling and attention to every detail ensures an exceptional finished product

Upon booking your session, the real fun begins: The planning. Your Creative Session Retainer includes use of my huge collection of wraps, headbands, hats, diaper covers, vintage maternity slips, and other boutique accessories. It also includes my guidance on exactly what to wear. I help you every step of the way so there’s no stress and you have complete confidence that we share a common vision when styling your session. Is your home bright and funky with vibrant colors? Great! I’ve got session ideas for that. Or do you love soft, natural organic tones? No problem. Those are some of my favorite color ways, too.  We chat about your nursery decor, your home decor, where you plan to display your images and your own personal style so that, come session day, every last detail is planned out and perfected.

Kami Brady Pearland TX Photography Studio newborns babies

Kami Brady Pearland TX Photography Studio newborns babies



Because – as parents – you deserve to rest those first, exhausting weeks after birth (not sit on the studio floor or spend time bent over serving as a “spotter” during your newborn session) and your baby deserves experienced care and safety

We take newborn safety very seriously. More than a decade and hundreds of newborn babies later, I’ve learned a few things. And one of the biggest is that no matter how tiny the baby or how nestled into the blankets or prop he/she may be, an experienced photographer should ALWAYS have an experienced spotter. It’s very risky to be both the photographer AND the spotter while keeping your eyes on the camera settings/focal points/composition as well as backing up away from the baby to frame the shot. Newborn babies are prone to sudden movements even in a seemingly deep, deep sleep. As well, many of the newborn poses you see across the Internet are achieved by compositing two or three images together in Photoshop to create one single shot. By having a trained session assistant keeping hands on your baby and adjusting them ever so slightly while I back up to take the composite shots, I ensure baby’s head and neck are always fully supported and safety is my top priority. Having someone who knows the flow of my posing and work style is advantageous, as well, because it allows me to move through shots more efficiently during newborn sessions giving you the greatest variety of images in a 2-3 hour timeframe (the average newborn session length). Newborn babies are also keen to smell you, especially if you’re breastfeeding, which signals them to wake up and do what they often do best: eat! Because of this, my newborn session assistant does all of the holding and snuggling with baby while I’m changing shot setups which helps to keep baby calm and often asleep longer.



Because your baby deserves to be comforted with the perfect temperature and plenty of soothing sounds

It’s like a spa for your baby, really. Very zen-like, calming and all the right “mojo” that we’ve learned over the past 10 years to ensure the best possible experience, resulting in the best possible artwork featuring your baby. Your baby is never treated like an object or a prop simply for the purpose of nailing a shot. These are beautiful, fragile little human beings and they deserve to be treated with as much respect as you or I.



Because we want you to put your feet up, read magazines or surf Instagram, relax (even nap!) and have a private place to feed and change clothing

This one needs little explanation. As a sleep-deprived zombie new parent or just an over-scheduled adult, I’ll bet I had you at “nap.”

There’s also the food. Because anyone in the haze of those first few weeks with a new baby will attest that nothing – and I mean nothing – tastes better than food other people make and serve you. It can be peanut butter and jelly, but it will honestly taste like the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich you’ve ever eaten. #TRUTH

Kami Brady Pearland TX Photography Studio newborns babies


Because you deserve to look and feel your very best

Professional, airbrushed makeup and hair styling is available as a separate, add-on service. Not only does airbrushed makeup photograph beautifully, but you’ll feel amazing getting pampered prior to your session. Who said the private hair and makeup chair was limited only to Hollywood celebrities?


READY TO EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN KAMI BRADY PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO SESSION? Contact me today at kami@kamibrady.com or Tap To Call 832-280-7860 and let’s get the creative juices flowing.