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Pearland TX senior photographer: 2014 Graduate Taylor

I’ve known this gorgeous girl since she was just legs, arms and various other bumps in her mama’s belly. For nine months, she was our entertainment as we poked and prodded to get her to move in utero. She was only the second pregnancy for my closest circle of girlfriends and the first that I had witnessed so closely. It was entirely too surreal and utterly fascinating at the same time. I couldn’t have known at the time, but sixteen years later I would be calling her to babysit my own young daughter.

I still have clear visions of her that first summer after birth in these tiny little sundresses. And the complete strangers who would stop her parents in public places to comment on how beautiful she was. I can remember her breaking free as a toddler and running across the Chili’s parking lot looking behind and laughing the entire time as we chased after her. And I have a gazillion memories of her giving us living room performances fresh out of the bath with wild hair, a t-shirt and a diaper dancing up on the bottom fireplace ledge as her stage. Her sense of humor and independence have been two of her hallmark traits since day one.

I can still see her marching in line to the front of the room for Kindergarten graduation. And who in her family could forget the infamous (and I might add alleged) “Barbie High Heel” incident? I won’t name any names, but let’s just say plastic shoes can indeed become weapons of forehead destruction when you’re five years old.

And in the course of the coming weeks, she’ll be graduating high school and moving into her college dorm for summer sports training. If I thought the idea of her little self inside her mom’s belly was surreal, then this is quite surely a close second or tie.

She’s grown into a fiercely independent, smart, kind-hearted, sarcastically funny, beautiful, athletically gifted young woman. And I can’t wait to hear the adventures of our not-so-little-anymore Taylor. Enjoy some of my favorites from her high school senior portrait session:

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