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High School Senior photographer in Olathe, KS: Summer girl

Cold weather has hit us today in full force, so this post reminds me of those late, warm summer days. I’ve become obsessed with bright, sunny pictures and backlighting. It’s something that I think newer photographers often fear (I did) because the lighting can be so unpredictable and getting your settings right in camera to properly expose for your subjects’ faces is more important than ever. I do still prefer early morning light or that pre-sunset golden hour vs. high noon which can cause ugly shadows under the eye sockets.

This  session is an example of what can happen when you have perfect morning light, a gorgeous series of ambient backdrops (like the yellow field of flowers and those amazing red Chinese lanterns) and a beautiful girl – inside and out – as the centerpiece. Her outfits came together perfectly with a broad mix of colors, styles and textures which helps me create a more varied and visually appealing gallery of final images.

Her personality comes shining through in these images, and I can only imagine the places she will go! Thank you, Janet and Mackenzie for choosing me to capture this big milestone; it was every bit my pleasure.

Enjoy a few of my favorites below:









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