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Kansas high school senior photographer: Out of the nest and back to school

All of these “first day of school” posts on Facebook – especially my own – have me thinking a lot this week about how time really does fly by. It’s not just something we say; it’s almost as if you could sit still and watch them grow right before your very eyes. At first, it seems they’ll stay little forever and we’ll always be worrying about enough wet diapers, eating solid foods, breastfeeding challenges, sleeping through the night, potty training and hitting those major toddler milestones right on time. But I’ve quickly come to realize that once one stage passes, we simply trade those little baby worries for the big kid variety. Will they learn enough? Will they be a good friend? Are they compassionate? Do they like sports or music or both? Did they make their bed this morning and pick up their room? Will they stand up to bullying?

In honor of all that wisdom – HA! – here are some of my absolute favorites from a high school senior session this spring. I’ve been meaning to blog these images forever, but the busy spring season kept me off the computer and out shooting more than last year. Often, when I’m photographing high school seniors, I witness the flashbacks in mom’s eyes and sometimes even tears of equal joy and sadness as they see their baby make that transition from teen to a more free-thinking, grown-up-looking young adult. This particular session was no exception. She graduated a semester early (yes, I’m a little behind on the blogging, but better late than never) and, from the very first phone conversation, I knew this would be one of those sessions I wouldn’t soon forget. Not only is she stunning on the outside, but her smart, independent, self-deprecatingly witty and humorous inside came shining through.

So good luck, mamas, on this the first or second week back to school with your little ones. Savor each sweet little moment for it really does go by in a blink.



On a side note: This beautiful chipped paint brick wall had been covered behind construction materials for so many years, I had written it off as being something I used once up on a time and would never see again. Imagine my delight when we  saw that it had been cleared. Her Bohemian-styled dress was a perfect match for this background. senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill005pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill011pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill003pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill008pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill004pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill007pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill001pintopinterest senior-portrait-photographer-in-Kansas-City-Kami-Brady-Dill006pintopinterest


Until next time!



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