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Introducing “Intern Katie”

To keep the blog posts rolling, I’m introducing myself as Kami’s right (and left) hand woman for the summer. As a sophomore at Kansas State, I’m currently in an undecided major and after this summer with Kami I’m sure I’ll have it figured out! When I’m not helping Kami out in the studio or on-location during sessions, I keep myself busy with summer classes, work, and of course regular pool dates with my nephews. I am a coffee addict and book worm. I secretly think that I entertain Kami on lunch dates with my eating habits of a teenage boy and hick-ups that soon follow.

I never thought I’d get my daily hot yoga work out jumping in and out of a frame to tickle a baby, until I began working with Kami. Now a month after starting my internship, I’ll do anything to make a baby laugh even if it consists of putting on a performance to Taylor Swift in a public park. Who wouldn’t laugh?

Having had my senior photos taken by Kami, I knew her general session work flow. What I didn’t know is that one to three hours of snapping away for a session or two or three was the easiest part of her day. When she’s not shooting, she’s at her computer editing, replying to client emails, updating her blog/website/client system backend technologies, rummaging for new backdrops and colorful props, crafting her own unique elements for a special session, unpacking and preparing client orders and managing a busy family, including a new puppy. I dove right into a packed schedule this past May and we haven’t slowed down since. Not even during the CrossFit class Kami dragged me to. Did I mention that we had to do 8 sets of full squats with butts clear to the ground over and over and over in 20 second increments as many and fast as we could? Neither of us could walk for the next week and giggled all the way to car as we felt our legs buckle with




But seriously, one of the most impactful things I’ve learned is that being a full-time professional photographer is about so much more than owning an expensive camera, lenses and Photoshop. Managing a busy session calendar is a lot like a board game; and many days, just getting all of those day, time, location requests synced up in the most efficient manner can take hours of emails, phone calls and lots of pencil eraser.

With everything from learning to capture the individual eyelashes on a newborn and illicit a huge smile from a two-year-old to learning how ISO, aperture and shutter speed all come together when shooting in full manual mode, I’ve had my work cut out for me. And I love it.

Starting with how to implement a really detailed, online client management system to pricing and standard FAQs for commonly asked questions to Lightroom and Photoshop, I’m learning the ropes of how to run a successful business.

I can’t wait to share more of Kami’s fantastic work while she keeps cranking them out.

P.S. See the random arms, legs, shoes in these shots? Yep. Those outtakes are me. I’ve gotten really, really good at rushing into an image, tickling a child and rushing right back out. That is, when we’re not so sore from CrossFit that rushing causes extreme pain. And the other amazingly-styled girl below? That’s me from my high school senior photo session – my first time meeting Kami and a seriously fun day.


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‘Til next time,

Intern Katie

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